Stop wasting time on the putting green

Sasho and Marty created Stack Putting to be the most effective and engaging use of time on the putting green.  You'll be guided to play 18 focused holes on the putting green, hitting the most important putts for scoring, while gathering key insights into your tendencies that you can't get with any other putting solution. 

Much like Stack speed training, TheStack App will act as your personal putting coach.  It will tell you exactly what putts to hit and cheer for you when you make putts.

Ben Crane and Viktor Hovland Talk Stack Putting


Stack Putting is currently only available to Stack speed training users, but will be coming soon to the App Store.  If you would like to join the waitlist and be notified when it is available, enter your contact details below.

Full overview of Stack Putting from Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

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