TheStack App Coaches License

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Purchasing this license will enable multiple golfers to be trained and tracked through cloud sharing.  This is great for a coach, trainer, or parent who wants to monitor progress with their golfers, while allowing them to train remotely, on their own time and device.

When purchased, your account will be upgraded to enable cloud collaboration.  Training protocols and guided workouts can be accessed by each golfer on their own device.

Tier 1: Up to 5 users

  • Families who share TheStack hardware, but train on their own phone
  • Boutique golf instructors
  • $9.95/mo - billed yearly

Tier 2: Up to 15 users (Most Popular)

  • High School or College Golf Coaches
  • Fitness trainers sharing their Stack hardware
  • $16/mo - billed yearly

Tier 2+: Up to 40 users

  • Larger scale Coaches or Trainers
  • $35/mo - billed yearly

Tier 3: Up to 100 users

  • High volume fitness trainers
  • Coaches with large Junior programs
  • $80/mo - billed yearly

Academy Plan

  • Multiple Coaches
  • Up to 500 Students
  • $5,000 / year

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