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App Support

I have TheStack hardware, how do I get started training?

I bought a Coaches License, what do I do next?

How do I add family members who want to train?

Where do I find my serial number?

I got a new phone, what happens to my training data?

How do I add a friend to my Stable of Golfers

Speed Measurement Devices

How do I wirelessly connect my Mevo+ to TheStack

SC200 Plus set-up tips

PRGR Radar placement and club setting?

Questions about subscriptions

How much is the App and what's included with my Stack hardware purchase?

How do I subscribe to Stack Putting without owning TheStack Hardware?

How to upgrade to Stack Speed from Stack Putting

Subscription renewals

How do I manage my subscription? 

How do I restore my subscription on a device?  

Why is my subscription status "subscribed" even though I cancelled my subscription?  

Subscriptions Refunds

What about a Coaches License?

Other Frequent Questions

Which size Stack should I order for my Junior?

Is a speed radar device required for training?

I'm an Android user, what are my options?

I lost a Stack weight, how do I get a replacement?

Can I hit a golf ball or smash bag with my Stack hardware?

Can I change the grip on my Stack?

Why is my driver speed not the same as my eSpeed?

Can an adult use a Junior length Stack?

Why is my radar reporting a clubhead speed much slower than expected?

Questions that Arise During Training

How do I know if I'm warm enough to start a stack session

I may have plateaued. Is this expected?

How can I transfer my increases in training speeds to my driver swing?

Should I modify my Stack training during the season I'm playing golf frequently

How will training with TheStack influence my on-course swing mechanics?

What should I do if I take a break in training due to vacation, work, or injury?

What are Special Sessions and when should they be completed?

Why are my Step Intent swings slower than my regular Max Intent swings?

How can I track my speed records with each stack weight?

FAQ for those considering TheStack

How will training with TheStack influence my driving accuracy?

Is The Stack System recommended for beginning golfers?

Questions About The Science of Variable Inertia Speed Training

The Biomechanics of Increasing Clubhead Speed

The Neuromechanics of Increasing Clubhead Speed

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