Radar Devices and Integration

Tracking speed is not as easy as it sounds.  At TheStack System, we analyze nearly all radar devices that track training swings and TheStack App factors out any bias, or systematic error, in speed measurements that are associated with our hardware design.  What does this mean to you?  If your radar measures with a bias, our smart algorithms adjust for it and accurately calculate your eSpeed and Distance Potential regardless of which device you are using.

Compatible Devices




Black Pocket, Red Pocket

Sports Sensors

Swing Speed Radar®


Mevo+,  X2,  X2 Elite,  X3,  Xi Tour



Swing Caddie




*Other speed tracking devices may be available and can be used with TheStack App.  We will continue to test new devices as they become available.

Disclosure: We may earn commission on some of the links below.

PRGR TheStack preferred

The PRGR is great for training with TheStack.  It is small and packs into your golf bag easily, and gives the added benefit of being a great device to bring onto the golf course to measure ball speed while playing.

🇺🇸 US Customers can acquire a PRGR here



FlightScope Best All-Around


Breaking: Flightscope recently added Swing Training Mode to the Mevo+ through the FS Golf App for iOS/Android.  You will need FS Golf App version 4.0.0 or newer.  To use the Mevo+ with TheStack App, you will need two separate devices (example: iPad to run the Mevo+ and iPhone to run TheStack App, or Android phone for FS Golf App and iPad for TheStack App).

Save 5% ($100) off your Mevo+ using discount code: TheStack at checkout when you shop directly from Flightscope here.


X2, X2 Elite, X3, Xi Tour

Flightscope's X2, X2 Elite, X3, Xi Tour not only provides full down range flight tracking, but they also support non-impact training with Swing Training mode. If you have a FlightScope model listed above, you're ready to start gaining speed with TheStack.


Sports Sensors Most Economical

The Swing Speed Radar® by Sports Sensors is a time-tested and reliable radar that measures club-head speed only.  If you already have a Sports Sensors radar, you're all set to start with TheStack.

🇺🇸 US Customers can order a Sport Sensors radar here.

🇨🇦 Canadian customers can acquire a Sport Sensors radar here.

Swing Caddie

The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is a portable launch monitor that measures both swing speed and ball speed.  Swing Caddie recently added Swing Speed Mode to enable training with TheStack.   You can order a Swing Caddie here.


The Garmin Approach G80 is a unique product that is both a radar and GPS device in one.  As of March 2021 you can update your software to Version 3.30, or newer, using Garmin Express and be able to track training swings.  You can order a Garmin G80 here.

Garmin G80


The Yupiteru GST-5 W and GST-7BLE are Japan products that report speed in Meters / Second and allow training swings with TheStack.  TheStack App can be configured to dictate or enter your speed in M/S and record speed in MPH, so we are now compatible with the Yupiteru products.  You can purchase the Yupiteru GST-5 W here.



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