Upgrade to TheStack and get $100

We are excited to announce a $100 trade-in program.  It's simple, here's how it works:

  1. Place a new order for the TheStack
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page below
  3. We'll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label (yes, we'll pay for shipping)
  4. Pack & ship your old speed club(s) to us by reusing your Stack packaging

That's it.  Within 5 business days of your product arriving at our warehouse, we'll credit you $100 using your original payment method.

Other terms and conditions:

  • Eligible products: Superspeed sticks (3 sticks required), Rypstick, Golf Slingshot
  • Ineligible products: Mach3, Orange Whip, Lag Shot, or other tempo trainers
  • Available for US Customers only
  • Eligible within 30 days of Stack hardware delivery


Looking to trade in a launch monitor?  Click here.

Any questions?  Contact us here.



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