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What Other Stackers are Saying

****** was the same vanilla regimen it seemed week after week. Keeping track of progress over time is also simple using the app. Yes, it costs more, but the value is greater. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Stack System.
-John S.

What Other Stackers are Saying

I am loving the speed training. I converted from ******* training where my results were mediocre.
I am getting more speed and feel like the more speed I pick up it is on swings that are technically more sound.

I started out in 90ish mph, but I was not tuned in to an aggressive swing. I think my base would be more like 93 mph. I just hit 100 mph eSwing so pretty major progress.
-Robert H

What Other Stackers are Saying

I had the ****** prior to switching to the Stack System. The Stack System has been much better for speed gains (I’m on my fourth program). The hybrid length club makes it easier to swing indoors. The five weights offer much more variability in swing weights. The App and different training programs (with detailed workouts and specific rest periods) are head and shoulders above the ****** programs in my opinion.

-Joe M

What Other Stackers are Saying

I love it. I tried the ******** a while back and just couldn’t get into it. TheStack makes it easy to workout and I look forward to it.
The App is a game changer. You could say it’s addicting.
I’ve gained 13 mph - almost done with the foundation and have paired it with Mike Carrol’s FitForGolf and am seeing serious improvements in club head and ball speed.
-Brian O

What Other Stackers are Saying

I sold my xxxxxxxx that I have used for the past two years to opt for the promise of the more individualized Stack program and, so far, I have no regrets.
-Peter B

It's Simple, here's how it works:

1) Place a new order for the TheStack

2) Fill out the form at the bottom of the page below

3) We'll e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label (yes, we'll pay for shipping)

4) Pack & ship your old speed club(s) or Orange Whip to us by reusing your Stack packaging

5) We'll credit you up to $150 to the the payment method you used to purchase TheStack within 5 business days of your product arriving at our warehouse.

Other terms and conditions:

Eligible products: SuperSpeed Golf (3 sticks required), Rypstick, Golf Slingshot - $150 trade value

Orange Whip (Original or Light Speed) - $50 trade-in value

Ineligible products: Mach3, Lag Shot, or anything not listed above.

Available for US Customers only

Eligible within 30 days of Stack hardware delivery


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