Elevate Your Game with The Stack System Bundle Deals

To achieve optimal results with The Stack System, you'll need a radar device. If you aren't currently using a radar, we've custom-built our Stack Radar to be used with The Stack.

Ultimate Game Improvement Bundle
SAVE $70

Ultimate Game Improvement Bundle

TheStack + Stack Radar + GPod

Ready to go all-in? This bundle combines the perfect pairing of Stack speed training, and everything that comes with it, with Stack Radar's seamless Bluetooth connectivity to TheStack App. Also included is the Collapsible GPod Magsafe, our favorite golf tripod that packs into your golf bag and can be used to film your swing and mount your phone while Stack training.

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Stack Radar Bundle
SAVE $50

Stack Radar Bundle

TheStack + Stack Radar

Stack seamlessly. This bundle combines personalized speed training with TheStack, including access to Stack Putting and the Learning Library, with our Bluetooth enabled Stack Radar which sends your speed data directly to TheStack App while training. Stack Radar is small, packs into your golf bag easily, and gives the added benefit of measuring and monitoring your ball speed and club distances.

Shop Now - $587
PRGR Bundle
SAVE $129

PRGR Bundle

TheStack + PRGR

Lowest Price Ever! Regardless of your distance, the PRGR is a great radar for Stack training. It's small size and large screen bring incredible convenience and it has the added benefit of measuring ball speed and distance estimations for all clubs in your bag. With the PRGR, Stacker's can use our Voice Entry technology to talk you speed data directly to TheStack App will training.

Shop Now - $449
MLM2PRO Bundle
SAVE $200

MLM2PRO Bundle

TheStack + MLM2PRO

This bundle offers incredible savings for a golfer looking to gain speed and get incredible insights into their game with the Rapsodo MLM2PRO. The MLM2PRO is a launch monitor and golf simulator stacked with two advanced cameras plus Doppler Radar to provide video feedback and precise measurement on all golf shots.

Note: For now, you will need two devices to use the MLM2PRO while speed training with TheStack. You will need an iOS device to use with TheStack app and a second device to run the MLM2PRO app

Shop Now - $849

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