Teachers and Instructors

Outsource your speed training and make money doing it

  • Buy 1-4 Stacks
  • Ensure you have a Compatible Speed Device (we like the PRGR)
  • Add the Coaches License (see video below)

Contact us at info@thestacksystem.com for your exclusive PGA Discount on TheStack hardware and the first year of your Coaches License.

Are you a bigger facility?  We also offer the the 5 Pack of Stacks (35% savings)

Interested in selling TheStack or referring your students?

Become a Stack Affiliate (10% commission, paid monthly): Register here

Interested in wholesale pricing? Contact us here

Learn About TheStack Coaches License

In this video, Stack Co-Founder Dr. Sasho MacKenzie describes how easy it is to setup Stack training with your students to monetize your training programs, track your students data, run competitions, and more.


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