Martin and TheStack

Phoenix, AZ (January 1, 2023)

The world’s longest hitter has chosen The Stack System as his speed training partner.  Borgmeier, of Germany, won the 2022 PLDA World Championship in Mesquite, Nevada, with a winning drive of 426 yards and has achieved clubhead speeds over 150 mph. 

“I’m extremely interested in the science behind optimal speed training and The Stack System is leading the industry”, said Martin.

“There are several things that drew me to The Stack, but the most important feature is the individualized programming”, Martin continued.  “They’ve added a program that’s specific to me as a long drive professional. The app’s algorithms further tune the parameters of this program as I train to optimize the loading stimulus based on my personal training performance.”

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, Stack Fo-Founder, added “I’m super excited to be working with Martin on increasing his clubhead speed. The experimental science is certainly biased towards golfer’s with clubhead speeds below 140 mph. We have high quality data on over 12,000 golfers, making us very confident in the effectiveness of our programming. At present, we only have experimental data on a few dozen folks swinging over 140 mph. In conjunction with Martin, we’ve designed programming specific to professional long drive athletes.  The Stack System is an amazing tool, that will allow us to test, train, and track the performance of the fastest golfers on earth and see what works best in an iterative process.”

The Stack System provides speed training for golfers by pairing precision hardware – a single club configurable into 30 unique weight combinations – with an industry changing training app.  The Stack App acts as a personal trainer, with customized speed programs that dynamically change based on the golfer’s performance while also guiding workouts and recording key training metrics.

US Open Champion Matt Fitzpatrick said, “I’ll be honest, TheStack has worked wonders.” following his US Open victory where he routinely was over 180 mph ball speed on the course.

The Stack System was created by leading golf biomechanist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Marty Jertson, Vice President of Fitting and Performance at Ping.

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