The Stack System Partners with Chris Como

Phoenix, AZ

The Stack System is excited to announce a partnership with Chris Como.  The Stack System provides speed training for golfers by pairing precision hardware – a single club configurable into 30 unique weight combinations – with an industry changing training app.  The Stack App acts as a personal trainer, with customized speed programs that dynamically change based on the golfer’s performance while also guiding workouts and recording key training metrics. The Stack System was created by leading golf biomechanist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Marty Jertson, Vice President of Fitting and Performance at Ping.

“Chris is a great thinker. He takes a holistic approach to coaching and has a ton of experience working with the best players in the world.  We recognize that our customers are not training in a vacuum. The end goal is to shoot lower scores.  This is one area where Chris will provide valuable insights,” said Marty Jertson.


Chris Como has established himself as a world-renowned golf instructor. Among the many golfers Chris coaches is the 2020 US Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau, who has led the PGA Tour in driving distance for the past two seasons, and Pierceson Coody, the #1 ranked amateur in the World.

“Having high clubhead speed is a big advantage for any golfer,” said Chris Como. “Generating clubhead speed is a trainable skill and TheStack is by far the best speed training system available to golfers. The product and results speak for themselves but working with Sasho and Marty made it an easy decision. I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise and providing input at all levels.”

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