To anyone who is familiar with my work it is clear that I am extremely interested in training for increased club head speed.

In 2020 I had a realization that in order to improve the programs I was creating for golfers, I needed to learn more about the biomechanics of the golf swing. I had begun working with a number of PGA and European Tour Pro’s, and wanted my approach to training for club head speed assessed by the most qualified people to do so. Increasing speed with amateur players is easy. As soon as they start either strength training or speed training, or ideally both concurrently, they see rapid gains.

Generally, Tour Pro’s are already working on these things, and have been for a long time. This makes the task harder, and I wanted to try and ensure my new clients would see progress.

With a better understanding of exactly how the force responsible for club head speed is created in the golf swing, I felt I could make training programs that would produce better results. I wanted to have a more clear rationale for the “why” behind my training prescriptions.

I did some research into whom I could learn from, and there was one clear standout, Dr. Sasho Mackenzie. I got in touch with Sasho, told him what I was in search of, and we set up a phone call. This led to me completing Sasho and Phil Cheetham’s Forces & Motion Course, which was an eye opener (and way over my head at the time).

Sasho and I have stayed in close contact since, and anytime I have a question in relation to the mechanics of speed, he gets a text message or tweet.

When I learned that Sasho and Marty Jertson were teaming up to create a commercially available product that Sasho had been extensively testing in his lab for years, I knew it would be exceptional.

This has proved to be the case, and at the time of writing there are approximately 15,000 golfers utilizing the benefits of The Stack System.

The Stack is a unique product in the club head speed training world. It is the only training system on the market that has the capability of prescribing a swing speed training program tailored to your swing speed profile.

Your training journey with The Stack begins with an assessment process that has you measure your swing speed using a variety of different Stack loads, and your own driver (you will need a compatible radar). This is called “Load Velocity Profiling” and has been very popular in strength and conditioning circles in other sports for a long time.

Without getting too deep into the science, it allows us to determine a golfer’s strength and weaknesses in force production, relative to their current swing speed.

For example, let’s consider Player A & Player B both swing their driver 100mph.

Relative to norms for a player with a 100mph driver speed (which The Stack have from millions of recorded swings in their database) Player A excels with loads lighter than their driver (under load), but struggles with loads heavier than their driver (over load).

Player B is the opposite. They excel with heavier loads than driver (over load), but struggle with lighter loads (under load).

This suggests that Player A is “velocity dominant”, while Player B is “force dominant. In this instance, it is highly likely that the optimal swing speed training program for each golfer will be different.

The Stack’s AI powered app will take the information from your assessment and suggest the most suitable training program for you. With 30 different load options available, this can be made very specific to an individual’s profile. As cool as this is, what might be even cooler is that the Stack’s app records all of your training swings for each load, and adjusts the next training session based on performance at each load.

So the more you use The Stack, the better it gets at prescribing training programs specific to your profile.

Each Stack session takes from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the program. A program lasts 6 to 10 weeks, with 2-3 sessions each week.

As well as the quality of the programming this makes possible, the App also does an exceptionally good job of “gamifying” your training. Previous bests with each load, new personal bests, in depth progress charts, an accountability “grit” score, and workout reminders are all features.

It’s been really enjoyable watching my Twitter followers get supportive and competitive sharing screenshots of their progress, and trying to outdo each other. There’s also an option to share your account with friends so you can tabs of their training within the app.

If you are a golf coach, there is a coaches license which enables you to train a stable of golfers with one Stack, and keep tabs on their progress in one app account.


Fit For Golf & The Stack System – The Perfect Combination

Should I work on my swing speed with The Stack, or work on my mobility and strength with Fit For Golf?

The answer for committed golfers is definitely both.

Fit For Golf programs focus on improving specific physical qualities like mobility, strength, and rate of force development (how quickly you can apply your strength). How well trained you are in these departments will play a large role in your swing speed potential.

Training with The Stack is extremely skill / golf swing specific. You are training the sporting movement at maximum effort with slightly different loads designed to stimulate your nervous system and muscles in ways that a golf club alone and strength training will not. This will improve your rate of force development, coordination, and lead to subtle adjustments in your swing mechanics that allow you to maximize club head speed.

You want to improve your physiological potential with Fit For Golf training, and maximize how well you can use it in the golf swing with The Stack System training.

You can improve by just focusing on one, but each type of training promotes different adaptations. There is no question that those who get the best long term results in their training do a combination of both.


Show Me Some Results!! – Fit For Golf & Stack User Reviews:

I’ve been on Fit for Golf + The Stack System for nearly two years and can’t applaud you enough for your efforts here and for the speed training advice/promotion of The Stack.

It was quite an investment for me to get The Stack + PRGR Radar + iOS device (I’m an Android fan), but I’m so glad I did. I started in Feb 2021 with FFG and The Stack. I could really feel the differences by mid summer. Not only do I love the added distance, I think I hit it straighter and make better contact more often.

Best of all, life is easier just by using your golf fitness and basic nutrition protocols. Truly, most of the training is not grueling, you just need to show up and have some intent for a little time each day. I have officially completed over 220 FFG workouts (plus a bunch of mobility/outdoor protocols I didn’t log last year).

I’ve gained 9mph of club head speed, dropped my hcp to a personal best 6.4 (from 10-11 last year), can tie my shoes without holding my breath and feel so much better. I’m looking forward to another level of work this year with both Fit for Golf and The Stack and seeing even better numbers and health. Best thing I’ve ever done for my game and life. Thanks so much!

Scott Newell, 54

I just finished my first Fit For Golf & Stack Program.

I followed the FFG Off Season program, and the Foundations program on the Stack.

I have gained 8mph of club head speed with my driver.

I’m now starting the FFG Winter Strength program & Stack Neural Drive program.

I am looking forward to gaining more and bringing it out to the course once the season starts!

Josh Arduini, 28

For the last 18 months I have been combining the GolfStrong Program on the Fit For Golf App and The Stack System.

Here are my results so far:

  • Average driver club head speed increased from 90mph to 99mph.
  • Average driver distance has increased by 20-25 yards.
  • My handicap has dropped from 3.8 to 2.5, after being stuck for many years.
  • An annoying tennis elbow injury I was struggling with has significantly reduced.
  • Massive improvement in general strength & stamina. I recently played 300 holes in Pinehurst in one week without any issue.

Both of the apps are very easy to use and I couldn’t recommend any more highly.


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